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Peter J Wiltshire

is beginning to realise how little he knows about human communications, about the world, and about who and what he is. In his seventies, he has made one last lunge for understanding by writing two novels: one was about the building of monuments (something he has done a lot of) Рthe M4 and Stonehenge, and the second is about the constraints that writing has imposed upon mankind Рthough you might mistake it for a simple tale of King Alfred and the Vikings. Yuk!  He hates the word vikings; it is a blond haired and blue eyed racially motivated and invented phoneme derived from the real word which was wicing, pronounced perhaps as wiching, from which we get placenemes like Norwich, Ipswich, Dunwich etc..

In late 2018, this website may contain details of how you might acquire these novels, if the fancy takes you. They might well be obtainable free of charge.